What is the paleo diet

The last two hundred years, more and more people are suffering from obesity and a number of typical western lifestyle diseases such as heart disease, diabetes, some cancers and osteoporosis. According Frits Mosquito, Professor of Pathophysiology and Clinical Chemical Analysis at the University of Groningen, this explosive increase caused by our genes even from the prehistoric tribes and not well adapted to our current environment. What this means in short?:
meat (not stationary, this vervet. Well meat that swims, flies or runs)
many fruits and vegetables. Oil is very important especially fish oil. Fry in coconut oil.
What is not? Carbohydrates, bread, pasta and potatoes. and dairy.

Why our modern diet causes many digestive complaints

Common intestinal complaints and chronic conditions such as irritable bowel syndrome (irritable bowel syndrome or pds) can be traced back to our diet. We eat because too many products that our bodies naturally not really used to it.

The man has very quickly evolved from nomadic hunter-gatherers to modern humans that we are now. What has evolved is our diet. The primitive man ate mostly things people met along: lean meat (factory farming was not so fat fattened animals either!), Fish, vegetables, wild fruits and nuts. Food preparation of matters such as cereals (bread, pasta), legumes (peanuts, etc.) and dairy (milk, cheese) came much later, when the man went to establish fixed locations and the first farms were created. To not even to mention the fast food that many people today are doing the right thing!

It is therefore not surprising that nowadays more and more people suffer from a food allergy, the development of our food is like the human being evolution sprint. An irritable bowel, a condition that causes a lot of intestinal problems, but also many “normal” bowel complaints incidentally, come from the modern diet that we eat. An excess of this can cause these symptoms, but also to allergies such as lactose intolerance (allergy to dairy) and gluten allergy (allergy to gluten, common in grains such as wheat). If anyone has one of these allergies, one must abruptly stop consuming the food that this allergy veroorzaakt.Om of pds, a lactose intolerance or a gluten allergy to come, is a diet based on natural products, such as the prehistoric that ate an excellent solution. This does however not tacky to have as our distant ancestors were fond of vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds, eggs, meat and fish. In our DNA is millions of years established that good products for us, and therefore it will eat them your body and your intestines quickly back into balance when you experience bowel symptoms.

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